Al's Money Story

Al knows what it feels like to make money, spend it, but then become frustrated because your work-life and money-life are out of balance. We’ve all been there at some point, but the question is, “How long do you plan to stay there?” 

Al's turning point came in 2007 when he and Lesia completed the process of buying their lives back for $150,000. This debt was the hill they climbed on their journey to financial freedom. 

This class includes...

  • 3+ Hours of On-demand Video

    This step-by-step series, enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of your own home, can help you create a simple and easy to duplicate financial system that produces the predictable results you desire.

  • eBook

    This comprehensive supplemental learning tool is your guide to making your money behave. It also contains various training exercises to ensure you get the necessary practice before Game Time!

  • Exclusive Resources

    Our resources include the Game Time Budgeting cash flow planning software, Certificate of Completion, and 30-, 60-, 90-day progress checks.

What You'll Learn

This virtual class was created with the goal of helping you better understand how your life experience shapes your financial MINDSET and beliefs. You will have several opportunities to answer thought-provoking questions to uncover how your beliefs and BEHAVIORS about money were developed. The good part is that understanding this information will provide a strong foundation from which to build your financial SYSTEM. Don’t worry! Our process is simple and easy to duplicate since the goal is helping you produce predictable financial RESULTS.  The following list displays some of the benefits you can expect from this course:

Game On can help you...

  • Create a process for saving

  • Make your money behave

  • Reduce and eliminate debt

  • Improve cash flow

  • Develop a plan to hit your goals

  • Reduce financial stress

  • Organize your finances

  • Create simple systems

  • Improve confidence with money

  • Learn to manage money by yourself or as a couple

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Meet Al & Lesia Riddick

Al & Lesia come from humble beginnings and were not taught much about personal finance while growing up. After getting married in 2002, they were determined to not let money create problems in their relationship. As a result, they created a simple and easy to follow plan to take control of their financial future. The tipping point came in 2007, at age 33, after paying off $150,000 in debt and setting themselves up for an easier path to building wealth.

Our Promise

You will learn to give every dollar you earn instructions so it will behave. This step-by-step course aims to speed up your learning curve so you can create the change you desire as fast as possible. Scheduling consistent times in your calendar to complete it usually produces the best results.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Course Overview

  • 2

    Quarter 1 - Money 101

  • 3

    Quarter 2 - Credit and Forms of Debt

    • Credit Overview

    • Lesson 6 - Players in the Credit Game

    • Lesson 6.1 - How to Build Credit

    • Lesson 7 - Types of Credit

    • Lesson 8 - Credit Management

    • Lesson 9 - Credit Reporting

    • Lesson 10 - Is a Card Just a Card?

    • Starting Line Intro

    • Starting Line Exercise

    • Personal Fouls Intro

    • Personal Fouls Exercise

    • Bench Warmer Intro

    • Bench Warmer Exercise

    • Trick Plays Intro

    • Trick Plays Exercise

  • 4


    • Halftime Show

  • 5

    Chapter 3 - Your Financial Fitness

    • Lesson 11 - Savings vs Emergency Funds

    • Lesson 12 - Typical U.S. Household Flow of Money

    • Lesson 13 - Creating Spending Plans Intro

    • Budgeting Exercise Intro

    • The Riddick Budget

    • Game Plan Intro

    • Game Plan Exercise

    • Assists Intro

    • Assists Exercise

    • Debt Blitz Intro

    • Debt Blitz Exercise

    • Recovery Intro

    • Recovery Exercise

  • 6

    Quarter 4 - It's Game Time!

    • Lesson 14 - Game Time Intro

    • Game Time Exercise

    • Stats Intro

    • Financial Tips

    • Closing Remarks and Graduation


"This is the best start to my career I could have had."

Jillian Ellis, Sales Analyst - Clorox

"I'm excited to put these tools into action. Actually, I've already started. I've learned so much. This was amazing!"

E. Graham (Charlotte, NC)

"Once you get on this plan, it will definitely change your life."

S. Pauldin (Fayetteville, GA)

"Game On is awesome for building/rebuilding a strong financial foundation. "

Michelle DeMarcia Davis - Life Coach, Mentor, and Founder of Live Live Network LLC

“Your financial wellness course increased the understanding and 401k enrollment for my employee population. It also taught me the importance of having an emergency fund and being serious about savings...because of your teachings I was financially prepared during my transition period.”

Danyette Foulks-Young (HR Director)

"Al, words can't express how I feel about you and what you did for my family's life."

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Meet Your Instructor


Al Riddick

Al Riddick is founder and president of Game Time Budgeting, an award-winning financial fitness company that strives to help people learn to make their money behave. For almost two decades, Al and his wife, Lesia, have been living debt-free. Al often says, “We strongly believe in giving every dollar that flows through this household an assignment." As a highly sought-after speaker, Al delivers passionate and inspiring presentations that educate audiences about saving more, spending wisely and maximizing their financial potential. His message has been shared at GE Aviation, Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, UPS, various universities and many other organizations. Al has been featured on, in Black Enterprise and Money magazines, on radio and ABC, CBS and NBC affiliated television stations. His book, The Uncommon Millionaire: Financial Success Begins with Behavior, was published in 2016. Al is engaged in the community through board service and is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to complete this course?

    Game On is designed to be completed in four weeks when following the learning track. By consistently engaging with Game On, you can give your money the attention it deserves and create momentum which can assist in establishing new behaviors.

  • Can I schedule one-on-one coaching?

    Yes! If you desire to schedule private coaching (1 hour sessions), please visit

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Because you will have immediate access to our instructional videos, activities, eBook, and cash flow planning software after submitting payment, refunds are not offered for this course.

  • Does this course come with a guarantee?

    No! This course was created to help you learn new financial behaviors while creating a simple and easy to duplicate system for producing your desired results. Only you can control your effort.